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EBBU T8 Tube

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Spec SheetE2 LED T8 EEBU Tube Spec sheet
Input Wattage9W, 18W


E2 Lighting’s  DLC rated and ETL certified emergency T8 tube comes with an integrated emergency battery back-up that can be used as a regular T8 bulb and an emergency bulb. It has a test button and indicator lamps so that it is safe with fire protection standards. It has over-charging and over-discharging protection which ensure the lifetime of the batteries (800 times charging and discharging). This emergency T8 bulb is a cost-effective option for various emergency lighting applications such as office buildings, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, corridors and stairs. Can be used with the emergency feature when the other bulbs in the fixture are T8 LED bypass bulbs.
The ballast must be bypassed. The fixture will need to be double-ended wired – hot to one end and neutral to the other end. Can be used with shunted or un-shunted sockets.

  • 2-in-1 bulb – Regular T8 lighting and emergency lighting
  • Built-in lithium batteries
  • Test button and battery check indicator
  • Must operate on a separate circuit
  • Emergency time – 90 minutes
  • Uses 3 watts and has 428 lumen output when used with the battery
  • When using a 2+ lamp fixture one bulb can be wired to emergency constant power for emergency use or the entire fixture can be if needed
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